Rabbit Air BioGS Ultra Quiet Air Purifier Review

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Rabbit Air Air PurifierThe Rabbit Air BioGS Ultra Quiet Air Purifier is a piece of breakthrough technology that changes the way that other air purifiers are viewed. This product has been engineered and developed by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. With the help of many skillful hands the Rabbit Air BioGS has been able to a gain a reliable status on the market.

The Rabbit Ultra Quiet Air Purifier is able to remove all sorts of air pollutants such as dust, pollen, animal dander, mold spores, chemical vapors and smelly odors. It is ideal for any home or small office use. The unit is able to purify air in a room up to 600 square feet. In this size room it can filter the air about twice in one hour.

Rabbit Air Air Purifier Review

The Rabbit Air BioGS Germicidal Sterilization Air purifier is not your ordinary HEPA purifier. It is much more efficient and effective! It offers a four stage purification and deodorization method to ensure all air pollutants are filter out. It features a permanent pre-filter which helps to eliminate large airborne particles. It also has a Charcoal Based Activate Carbon Filter which helps cleanse odours and chemicals from the air.

This air purifier seems to have the same features as most. So what makes it so much better? Well, the Rabbit BioGS also features its own signature HEPA filter. The HEPA filter, like most traditional HEPA filters eliminates 99.97 percent of all allergens and contaminants down to 0.3 microns in size. Yet this one is designed with the most advanced bio-engineered fiber material available. It also helps to boost efficiency and increase the lifespan of the HEPA filter. Another benefit is that it does not create secondary pollution which is often the case of traditional HEPA filters.

The signature HEPA filter allows this unit to be environmentally friendly. The energy efficient design ensure that the Rabbit Air will not emit ozone. It will, however, produce negative ions to reduce particle levels in the air. It will only use about 33 watts when working at its highest speed and 7 watts when working on its lowest. As the machine can operate at 5 different speeds, the auto air quality monitoring will ensure that the unit is never operating more than necessary.

It is not distracting. It works in complete silence on its lowest speed. The higher the speed, the more noise it makes, yet even at its loudest it is barely noticeable. Its made to circulate large amounts of air at one time, so it is only natural that it emits a small level of noise.

It is very easy to use and there is very little maintenance needed. The pre-filter is washable. The charcoal-based honeycomb activated carbon filter is easy enough to clean.

The Rabbit Air Ultra Quiet air purifier measures 18inches by 22.5 inches by 9 inches. It weighs only 17 pounds. With this size, the unit can be stored virtually anywhere.

Rabbit Air believes so much in their product that they offer a 5 year warranty and 24/7 lifetime technical support. They trust their product and so should you!

Rabbit Air BioGS Ultra Quiet Air Purifier Features

  • BioGS® HEPA filter technology
  • Washable pre-filter
  • Washable activated carbon charcoal filter
  • Remote control with 3V Lithium coin battery
  • Zero Ozone Emissions
  • User’s Guide Starter Guide for filter installation
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Five Year Warranty

Customer Reviews

“Since moving to Virginia, I spend at least a month every spring feeling like I’m waking up with a bad cold. I had promised myself that this year, I would try a good-quality air purifier. I debated among the Sharp FP-N60CX Plasma Cluster Air Purifier, the Mitsubishi PlasmaPure Quiet HEPA Air Purifier, and this one. In the end, they all had high ratings, and I am sure they’d all have worked well, but I liked the looks of this one. Turns out, it looks even cooler in person. More importantly, I wake up feeling great. Also, it’s inaudible on the night setting which is important since it’s in my bedroom. The smell sensor really works – drop a new pile of laundry near it and it will go off because of that dryer sheet smell. My room is just so much nicer now and although it can’t follow me around and take care of my allergies the rest of the day, it let’s me get a good night’s sleep, which is all I could ask for. To get into the technical side of it, there are two sensors – one for pollen/dust and one for smells. There are indicators on the front which show the mode the unit is in (such as turbo, pollen, night) as well as levels indicators of smell on one side and pollen on the other. You can’t go wrong with this.”

“I just received my air purifier yesterday and had a chance to use it near my bed for one night of sleeping so far. I have mild asthma and I am heavily effected by Ozone (it makes me react badly to it) so part of the reason I bought this brand was it touted “no ozone” It does have an ionizer on it and those produce ozone. However, you can have it turned off at all times if you want. Even with it on my reactions to it are mild, I spoke to a rep at Rabbit Air who have 24/7 phone support and they told me it uses a low power ionizer so its not a smelly and intense Ozone generation. So for those with Asthma and Ozone sensitivity you can turn off the ionizer! Also for those who are wondering the size it stands about 20 inches off the floor.”

“There are a number a benefits this unit offers. Here are some of them:
-The charcoal/pre filters are washable in sink or dishwasher
-The HEPA filter is coated with antiviral/antibacterial agent to last longer
-1.5 year filter life with continuous use.
-5 year Warranty
-Very clear high tech looking front display
-Body painted with anti electro-static coating to prevent dust build up
-HEPA filter has a gasket on bottom edge perimeter to prevent air leakage
-The Odor and Particle sensors on front actually function accurately. I would have thought it was a cheap gimmick but they actually work! Its a nice extra feature you don’t see elsewhere. (when you buy one spray some air freshener or puff powder somewhere in middle of room and watch the odor/particle lights crank up shortly afterward”

“The market has a ton of expensive units. This one I’d say is “middle priced.” But don’t let that get you down. This unit has VALUE. You can drop a benjamin for a noisy unit from Wal-Mart. Or, you can bite the bullet and make a WORTHWHILE INVESTMENT. The HEPA filter that comes with the unit is hefty. The unit itself is very stylish. The remote is great (it can be stored on top of the unit too so you don’t loose it). I found the most frustrating part of shopping for an air purifier is a lack decibel ratings. I did the research for you – this is the quietest unit on the market. Silent mode really is silent! Low mode is almost inaudible. I would equate the medium mode to sounding like like air coming blowing from any AC vent in your home. High mode is noticeable, but hey, it’s moving a lot of air on high mode. The automatic function is great. It senses air quality and adjusts. It’s one of those “set it and forget it” products.”

“I have to admit that I was pretty darn skeptical about this purchase. This was a difficult purchase. Don’t hesitate…I think I’ve done enough hesitating for everyone. In the end, just let the products rating guide your decision and you can’t go wrong! Good luck!”

Rabbit Air BioGS Air Purifier Buying Information

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